Three Days (a poem)

Another lifetime ago,
A promise was made.
Never gonna leave you,
Never letting you go.
The years were harsh,
Our love wasn’t strong.
The promise became
An uncertain assurance
At the end of bad days.
Not leaving today,
Don’t think so tomorrow,
Maybe not even
The day after that.
Three days had become
Our future at hand.
The predictable end
Was painfully long…
Until another forever
Came rushing in
On a tear-stained note
That simply read:
Not leaving today.

More (a poem)

I may
Be happy
Angry or sad.
Or possibly
I’ll simply be
Nothing at all.
An ambivalent
Mess of emotion
Or lack thereof,
Is more likely
The state of mind
You’ll find in me.
Why be happy
Or mad
Or even sad,
When you can be
So much more?

Wrapped Up (a poem)

I’m working
Eight to five,
Building dreams
By the hour.
Pay the mortgage,
Buy some dinner,
Send the kids
Off to camp.
Draw the blinds,
Shut the door,
Burn a candle
In the night.
Building stories
Word by word
While staring
At the clock.
I’m no starving artist,
But neither am I
Corporate sold.
Both feet in reality,
While my heart’s
In broken pieces,
Wrapped up
In a story
As my family


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