These Days: Tired


It has been a month since my last post and I would love to report lots of exciting adventures and writing progress, but the truth is that I (like lots of good creative folks) have simply been both underwhelmed and overwhelmed.

On the writing front, I did publish a new collection of poetry titled Shades of Rainy Days and have been working on other poetry projects almost consistently. My novels, however, seem stuck on a back burner. Again.

I think about one or the other of my stories daily, jotting down notes and ideas. Daydreaming for hours about plot twists, character development and the perfect opening line, I get lost in the idea of writing my novel. However, the sit-in-the-chair and piece-it-together part seems to have come to a grinding halt.

I don’t have writers block. I am not living in fear or self-doubt. I do not lack the ability, I am not short on time (at least not enough to justify not writing) and my computer is not on the fritz.

I am simply tired.

There are varying factors that contribute to the overall feeling of malaise.  A stressful job, with very specific draining factors that are mostly out of my control. Medication that I have put off for years, but have now  reached the limitation on being without. Saying “yes” to the people and things in my life that are important to me. The unexpected death of my dearest friend (and supporter, critic, encourager of my writing) brought a new heaviness into my life.

The first set factors leave my body tired. I can work on getting more sleep, getting in shape and generally taking better care of myself. The last one, well, I suppose I’ll have to learn to live with that loss; find a way to keep her friendship alive even though she is gone.

Time to start writing those stories again. Time to (once again) reprioritize. Time to start thinking and doing  a variety of things.

If for every stop there is a start, I suppose there is hope for a final ‘the end’.

Being tired may not be so bad. If it’s for the right reasons.


Gone Girl (Book 11 of 26)

Gone GirlI am nowhere near my goal of reading 26 books this year. I’ll be amazed if I even enter the 20-something realm. Sigh. Damn job, laundry and other life interferences. And there are always the mini-adventures, baseball, grandkids, writing and the hammock that (delightfully) bump into my reading time. No complaints, really.

Now…Gone Girl. Wow. This was a reading experience full ambivalence. I loved the first person narration between two main characters. I loved the beginning and the middle…and…most of the end (no spoilers, I promise). I loved the many twist and turns.

As much as I loved these things, I equally hated others. The writing was thickly laced with overly (and often, ineffectively) descriptive adjectives. Yes, that is a personal preference, but for me, the *words* often got in the way of a great story. And the part of the ending that I did not love, I absolutely hated.

You’ll have to read it for yourself to determine whether the love/hate ambivalence is warranted or not. Sadly, after reading the book, I have no interest in seeing the movie. Or, as much as I thought the story was great, the writing style isn’t one that would hook me on reading more from the author.

Shades of Rainy Days (Free for a short time)

cj langley

Download this collection for free through October 30, 2014

Shades of Rainy Days is a collection of short and very short poems touching on love, life, loss and looking ahead. Reflective, daunting, and hopeful, it is a personal journal of some of life’s most simple and complicated moments.

Reviews welcomed.

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I’m not wired
To live inside
The many
Of gray.
Give me
Give me
Give me
Purple, green
And even red.
But all those
Of rainy days
Leave me
Lost inside
My head


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