On Writing by Stephen King (10 of 26)

Before this book, I had read just one of Stephen Kings many books and The Green Mile remains one of my favorite half dozen or so books. The usual genre of Stephen King isn’t my favorite, or even likable for the most part, but when the most prolific writer of our time invites us into his most personal world and shares his most valuable professional advice, it seems to me that he may have something to say that I could hear. This isn’t a tedious instructional book, but inside the pages you get the best writing instruction you will ever need to write your book. Maybe even the only instruction you need.

Breathe (a poem)

A dozen years,
Two states,
Three boys,
Marriage and divorce.
Laughter and tears,
Silence and chatter.
A chance meeting…
Strangers become
The best of friends.
These same souls,
You and me,
As different
As could be.
I am
That next
Cup of coffee,
One more visit,
With fate
For another
To sit
And breathe.

Three Days (a poem)

Another lifetime ago,
A promise was made.
Never gonna leave you,
Never letting you go.
The years were harsh,
Our love wasn’t strong.
The promise became
An uncertain assurance
At the end of bad days.
Not leaving today,
Don’t think so tomorrow,
Maybe not even
The day after that.
Three days had become
Our future at hand.
The predictable end
Was painfully long…
Until another forever
Came rushing in
On a tear-stained note
That simply read:
Not leaving today.


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