Gone Girl (Book 11 of 26)

Gone GirlI am nowhere near my goal of reading 26 books this year. I’ll be amazed if I even enter the 20-something realm. Sigh. Damn job, laundry and other life interferences. And there are always the mini-adventures, baseball, grandkids, writing and the hammock that (delightfully) bump into my reading time. No complaints, really.

Now…Gone Girl. Wow. This was a reading experience full ambivalence. I loved the first person narration between two main characters. I loved the beginning and the middle…and…most of the end (no spoilers, I promise). I loved the many twist and turns.

As much as I loved these things, I equally hated others. The writing was thickly laced with overly (and often, ineffectively) descriptive adjectives. Yes, that is a personal preference, but for me, the *words* often got in the way of a great story. And the part of the ending that I did not love, I absolutely hated.

You’ll have to read it for yourself to determine whether the love/hate ambivalence is warranted or not. Sadly, after reading the book, I have no interest in seeing the movie. Or, as much as I thought the story was great, the writing style isn’t one that would hook me on reading more from the author.

Shades of Rainy Days (Free for a short time)

cj langley

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Shades of Rainy Days is a collection of short and very short poems touching on love, life, loss and looking ahead. Reflective, daunting, and hopeful, it is a personal journal of some of life’s most simple and complicated moments.

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I’m not wired
To live inside
The many
Of gray.
Give me
Give me
Give me
Purple, green
And even red.
But all those
Of rainy days
Leave me
Lost inside
My head


Floating in a hammock
We stare
Into the distance.
Through the branches,
The night sky
Has become
A jagged mosaic
Of black and blue.
His little head
Presses heavily
Against me.
It’s a big tree,
He whispers.
It is, I say.
It’s a very big tree,
He whispers still softer.
Yes, it is a very big tree.
In this moment,
My world
Is as perfect
As it has ever been.

On Writing by Stephen King (10 of 26)

Before this book, I had read just one of Stephen Kings many books and The Green Mile remains one of my favorite half dozen or so books. The usual genre of Stephen King isn’t my favorite, or even likable for the most part, but when the most prolific writer of our time invites us into his most personal world and shares his most valuable professional advice, it seems to me that he may have something to say that I could hear. This isn’t a tedious instructional book, but inside the pages you get the best writing instruction you will ever need to write your book. Maybe even the only instruction you need.

The Rape of Persephone by C. Jane Wright (9 of 26)

The famous statue by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. On display in Rome, Italy, it portrays the kidnapping of Persephone. (click the image for more information)
The famous statue by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. On display in Rome, Italy, it portrays the kidnapping of Persephone. (click the image for more information)

This short story, based on Greek mythology, was about all the reading I had time for these last few weeks. It turned out to be a rather intense bang for the word count, though. I won’t comment on the story itself, but will say it was very well written.

Read the story here.
(Reader warning: strong sexual content that may offend some)

Weekly Hoard (Work, work, and work)

This is absolutely not true...
This is absolutely not true…

The last few weeks can be summed up in today’s Weekly Hoard as I have done little else but work my day job. This new job is a beast to tame, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe a few weeks more and I can start looking forward to getting back on a regular(ish) work schedule.

I miss my writing and my life! Good thing I like this new job…


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